Friday, April 20, 2007

Last nights dinner excursion

In the end we didn't go to the pub up the road but ventured to the Italian on Whitley Bay High Street. The selcetion of restaurants is not very wide here, there are couple of italians, couple of indiands and chinese and that's pretty much it + the really nice place where we went to on our anniversary (which I seem to have failed to blog about so I can't even put a link to it!).

So I didn't get my burger but I did get some pizza & olives. The decor in the place was a funny mixture, trying to look very rustic an authentic Italian - even the waiter had an italian accent ;) and they had candles on each table which was very nice. The dinner wasn't amazing but it was good, nothing fancy and it filled me up and I didn't have to do any washing up...what more could you ask. I think next time we are goign to venture to one of the indian places, guys at church have said one of them is particularly nice.

It was nice to go out and being able to walk. It only took us 10 minutes or so which is brilliant, neither one of us missed the hike we had from Lucas Terrace to Barbican. Living in the little town suits our environmentally friendly (=lazy) habits.

I went to buy some wool this morning from the woolshop on the high street. These two very sweet ladies run it. I didn't have enough cash on me to pay for the wool and the needles I wanted and I suggested that I'd pay part of it on the card but the lady just told me to pay for the needles next time I come in! We definitely live in a small place...or northeners are more trusting than southerners...(and they do have my phone number as I ordered some wool because they didn't have enough of the colour I needed!)

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