Friday, April 27, 2007

If I can't buy them...

...I can always make them. After David venting his relief over the fact that I couldn't go and buy these amazing toys I'd seen I have come up with an alternative plan...making them. I found a pattern for this funny little cat thing pictured above and I might just have enough left over wool to make it. However it might have to be a grey cat as I haven't got any orange and the jumper might have to be a green as I haven't got any pink but I have two shades of green wool.

I've done quite a lot of knitting recently. I'll have to get the camera out tomorrow and take a picture of what I've done so you can all see my masterpiece/s (only 1 of them is finished).

The sun is shining and Moses is begging us to take him for a walk but he'll have to wait untill David gets back from the barbers. Last time he tried to get his hair cut the guy up the road was poorly and had a big sign at the door apologising for not being open.

I took Moses with me when I went to the cash point earlier today and I let him off the lead in the park to the amusement of a little girl and her grannie...they had a good giggle over seeing Moses bounce, leap and run from one end of the park to the other with his usual exited and over energetic manner!

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