Monday, April 30, 2007

Falling walls...

We had a weekend of DIY...or to be more exact David did DIY and I did gardening. As you may remember we had a grand plan of knocking the wall down between the kitchen and the dining room. In addition to discovering the wall was hollow we have manage to ascertain that it is not load bearing (reading the big diy bible we discovered that such a things that hollow walls that have some sort of structural purpose do exist).

Before we could embark upon the excitement of knocking a wall down we had to move the radiators as they were both on the wall that we wanted to knock down. David has been itching to move them ever since we moved in but I managed to hold him back until last weekend - I didn't really fancy being without heating in the middle of the winter...and I do know that I am Finnish and I should be used to the cold but in Finland I'd have at least triple glazed windows and the heating on all the time in the winter!!!

David is getting rather expert at plumbing, this is the second time, in a row when he has done plumbing without there being any leaks, not even teeny weeny drops!

Today he came back from work full of energy and thought he's just have a little go of seeing how easy it is to destroy the wall...

This wonky-tilt-your-head-to-see-it-in-the-right-ankle picture is after about five minutes of hammering.

And below is the same wall about 30 minutes later...I am sitting in the dining room typing this and I hear very alarming noises from behind the wall. I have moved the picture that was hanging on that wall as well as David's camera that was

on the floor by the wall...I wasn't sure if a wall falling on top a camera could be counted as accidental damage! Not sure what we are going to do for dinner as the whole kitchen is covered in dust and rubble...the pictures of my knitting will ahve to wait yet an other day, I totally forgot to do it over the weekend and a wall being knocked down is definitely more blog worthy material than a picture of a cardigan!

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