Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter pics

Easter has been and gone. The weather was really lovely here for the Easter weekend. Sunny and warm :) Moses had a lovely Easter too with his new best friend Tara. They tired each other out completely by playing...never seen Moses that tired before...even our mammoth walk in the Scottish Borders only wore him out for a couple of hours but he was absolutely wiped out for most of the evening.

Sheepdogs are known for their persistance and I think both Tara and Moses are very representative of their breed - they just don't give up! They do not know when to stop so in the end we separated them for a little while as otherwise neither one of them would have got any rest!
David's mum found a random bag of old Christmas decorations and we put one of the foil bauble things to hang from Moses collar. We thought we'd get hours of amusement out of, seem him try to chase it or get it off...but no! He was rather proud of it and wore it like a medal. Tara and him had some amusing fights over the stuffed father christmas (the roundish, red blob in front of him!)

Tara liked taking safety under chairs, other furniture and cars when she was playing with Moses. However Moses could fit under the car...

On Saturday we drove off to see Dan and Lil in Brighton and had lunch with them on the beach. It was quite windy so we couldn't improve our tan too much. In the afternoon we drove to see Gaenor and Rob and the girls and had some fun in the garden with blowing bubbles.

We are just about to tuck into our roast was very yammee...

Amy and David having a laugh.

Amy and David's parents had given up chocolate for lent so on Easter Sunday we had all things chocolatey...home made pan au chocolats for breakfast, chocolate with coffee and even a chocolate cake, not to mention the chocolate eggs! Neither David nor I had any room left for the chocolate eggs so they are sitting on top of the bookcase waiting to be eaten.

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PS: Tara is not as scary as her teeth suggest, she is very sweet in fact...but the puppy teeth are ratehr sharp and nasty looking!