Friday, April 06, 2007

Chilling out

We have arrived safely in the sunny Dorset. Getting through the Tyne tunnel was a nightmare, it seemed like everyone living on the north side of the river wanted to go to the other side...the good news is we've figured out a handy shortcut for next time.

After that it was plain sailing, the roads were nice and empty. Probably because it was getting rather late. We were driving around the M25 at midnight and there were still quite a few cars about at that time. If it had been Finland it would have been very heavy traffic! But by M25 standards it was very light.

Today we've just pottered around. Kinza made sure that we were all awake by constantly barking from 8am onwards...we weren't too bothered as our body clock is set on getting up at 7.15 but Amy who had been planning a lie in was not best pleased!

After leasurely breakfast we took the hounds out mainly to release the excess energy Moses had been collecting since yesterday...I guess you would do the same if you had been stuck in a dog cage in a car for 6+ hours?!?

The weather has been really gorgeous, warm, sunny and hardly any wind. We had this years first al fresco lunch :)

The dogs are working out their pecking order, I think Kinza is the one who has benefitted most of the arrival of Tara. Moses re-established himself as the leader of the pack but as he has two ordeliers to keep in rank Kinza gets less attention/bullying than she used to. Tara is getting back from Moses what she has been dishing out to Kinza over the last couple of weeks so the law of sowing and reaping still works.

It is quite amusing following them, much better than TV. There is also a mad little bird about who is trying to peck through our car windows or the windows of the shed behind our car. The theory behind this behaviour (or so we believe) is that he sees his own reflection in the glass so he flies towards it to scare it off, ends up 'pecking it' as the other bird does not back off. Unfortunately the other bird is not giving up so the bird tries to scare it off again...and again...and again....this has been going on for couple of hours now!

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