Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back to the world of diy

This weekend has been spent, so far, in B&Q and garden centre/nursery. I was given some money for my birthday so I thought I'd buy some plants as the garden is quite bare par the lawn and couple of odd shrubbs.

So after a healthy and filling late breakfast we headed off with my long list of plants I'd like. We got back couple of hours later with lots of plants from my list and quite a few not from the list.

I am the proud owner of two apple trees. They are trained as cordons so we can grow them along the fence (I'm sure pictures will follow). And lots and lots and lots of pretty perennials and six strawberry plants, all the ones I brought up from Plymouth got destroyed by the turf layers.

We haven't got to planting them yet though. David has been fixing a leaking tap (that's why we have been back and forth between home and B&Q). Now that we are on water meter, rather than fixed rate, every drop counts! The hot water tap in the bathroom has been near impossible to turn off since we moved in put over the last couple of weeks it has just become impossible to turn off.

So David set off to fix it. And i got to be the tap girl...turning on and off the mains water when ever wanted, So I ended up spending most of yesterday evening and some of today sitting on the kitchen floor, ready to turn the mains tap on demand.

We also thought it would be a good idea to do something about the loo...every time you flush it, there is so much water coming through that you could fill a small bath with it. We decided to buy this amazing mechanism to replace the existing one - it claimed to save 40000 litres of water a year = a lot.

When David started putting it in, there was a little problem, it was meant for a different type of loo than ours so off we went to diy shop again and found somehting that might work. I have learnt more about the flushing mechanisms of toilets that I thought would be possible! But it all seems to be working now after the n:th trip to b&q and hours of persevation by my wonderful husband.

He is still to fit the knob/button...we are not really sure if I is for small flush and II for big but I am sure we'll find out.

The sun is shining so we are about to have a lovely afternoon of planting. (Moses is in the doghouse - while I was cutting down some branches of a tree that overhangs our garden from the neighbours side he dug a hole in our lawn!!!)

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