Friday, April 13, 2007

And the morale of the story is...

Couple of months ago we bought the book wind in the willows from a second hand shop. I used to love watching it on TV when I was little but I don't think I ever read it so I got curious and bought it. Ever since it has been sitting on the bookshelf and I haven't even touched it - untill yesterday. I read the first couple of chapters and came across this amusing paragraph where the Ratty and the Mole are visiting the Badger.

"Conversation was impossible for a long time; and when it resumed, it was that regrettable sort of conversation that results from talking with your mouth full. The Badger did not mind that sort of thing at all, nor did he take any notice of elbows on the table, or everybody speaking at once. As he did not go into Society himself, he had got the idea that these things belonged to things that did not really matter. (We know of course that he was wrong, and took too narrow a view; because they do matter very much, though it would take too long to explain why."

I wonder if the writer had trouble getting his kids to eat with good table manners ;)

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