Monday, April 02, 2007

Aching back

So we did some gardening. Didn't even get as far as planting my trees, it is hard work! Yesterday evening we both just collapsed and today we have woken up with various aches and pains...I don't think we are really used to physical work.

I think David's body coped a bit better than mine, just about. I can feel my arms, I can feel my back and I can even feel my right hand but at least I haven't got a blister like my other half. I made some scones to have with our after work tea and I could feel my hand when I was kneading the dough...

Hopefully by the garden is done my body has adjusted to all the digging. David had to do some banging as well...there was this bush in one corner of the garden that was planted so that there was half a meter gap between the bush and the fence - as the garden is only small we thought it was a waste not to have the bush closer to the fence.

David started digging. He got the shrub up with no problems, the roots weren't too deep. Then he started digging a new hole for the shrub closer to the fence...and we discovered why the shrub wasn't planted there in the first place...

...just underneath the surface was this huge lump of bricks and concrete. As David is not a man to be defeated by things like that he set of hacking it to pieces. Lots of sweating later we were still none the wiser about how deep the lump was.

In the end, David managed to bang and hammer it down so that we could put some soil on top of it and then plant the shrub there. So we learnt that people usually do things for a reason, if we ever come across a shrub that is planted in a funny position we know to suspect underground reasons for it!

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