Saturday, March 03, 2007

What to do with a wanna-be geek?

For the last couple of days David has been having very worrying symptoms...he has announced in many occasions he wants to become a mac geek...he wants to buy lots of geeky books all about programming and general mac geekery. Very worrying.

One good thing is that after looking for books in amazon he realised that they were rather expensive. So I am saved for little while from having a husband who is turned into a total geek instead I just have a saturday/occasional geek husband. What I am conserned about is that David has found various mac geek websites where all these geeks discuss their problems and offer solutions to each others problems!

So it is not enough that he knows how to use his mac, he wants to understand it...but computers were not meant to be understood - they were made to be used. One of the books he was hoping to find on amazon was all about understanding why and how os x (my guess, the operating system?) works - he knows how to use it but know he wants to understand the nitty-gritty behind it...

Any ideas how you cure a wanna-be-geek? Or is it a chronic illnes that is going to lead only increasing levels of geekery?

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