Monday, March 12, 2007

What PhD stands for

The pastor & and his wife took us out for a meal last night. We had lovely time chatting and getting to know them a bit. We went to this nice Italian restaurant in town. The food was good and I had the most beautiful selection of italian ice-creams for desert...David went for tiramisu.

As we were chatting the pastor mentioned that one of the guys who used to be at church (but he moved to Exeter) had done a PhD on cricket bats (and he had got funding to do it)! We also learned an alternative meaning for PhD...permanent head damage.

Good old Google had couple of other good suggestions about the meaning of PhD*
Professorship? hah! Dream on!
Please hire. Desperate.
Probably heavily in Debt
Parents have Doubts
Professors had Doubts
Probably hard to Describe**
Patiently headed Downhill...
Professional hamburger Dispenser... "Would you like fries with that?"
Professional hair Dresser
Pizza Hut Driver***
Private house Detective
Philosophically Disturbed
Process of human Development
Patiently hoping for a Degree
Doctor of Photocopying****
Phony Doctor*****

Here is an interesting comment I found: 'The trick about a PhD is that you have to be smart enough to be able to do it, but stupid enough to actually do it'. Hmmm...

* The UK google is a bit more serious than the general google (or the brits are more serious than everyone else) using the search terms what PhD really stands for the first 10 hits on the uk google were actually seriously discussing about PhDs where as all of the first 10 hits on the worldwide google were humorous.
** Usually just telling the title of your PhD is enough to stop people asking any more questions.
*** My personal favourite.
**** Thanks to most journal articles being available online I have not got as familiar with the library photocopier as could be expected but I am getting pretty good at using the seriously big photocopier as my printer...last week I discovered how to get it to holebunch and staple anything I print from my computer...after discovering how to print double sided that was one of the most exiting things I've learnt recently ;)
***** I guess if you can't write prescribtions you can't be a real doctor

Ok, it's back to pursuing my PhD...I'm filling in lots of ethics applications (because I want to interview people who work for the NHS) at the moment which is very laborious task.

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