Sunday, March 25, 2007

What if we had no computer...

...we would have been late for church for one thing! We woke up quite early, I went down and made a cup of tea. So we were very happily sipping our tea, enjoying the sun streaming in to the bedroom, I was reading the paper and David was playing with the laptop...

...It had been about 8.20 when I made the cup of tea and suddenly I noticed that the clock on the laptop was showing 9.40! I checked my was 8.40...after a little pondering and checking with google we finally came to the conclusion that the clocks had gone forward! Out went our lovely plan of taking Moses for a nice stroll on the beach before church. Instead we showered ate and went to church (and were late).

After church we went and had lunch with a couple who are a bit older than us. We had lovely time, tried a bongo computer game with one of their sons - both of us were pretty awful - went to the park and the boys ran around after the football while the ladies sat on the bench enjoying the sun and being very civilized :)

When we got back we took Moses for a long walk in the woods. The weather has been gorgeous all day, very warm and hardly any wind. There were lots of daffodils and little white flowers (they are valkovuokko in Finnish but I've got no idea what they are in English and botanical knowledge is not one of David's strong points) in the woods. Can't wait untill the summer :)

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