Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Turf wars aka protecting your newly laid lawn

Since having the turf laid we have encountered some threats to it wellbeing. I have a birdfeeder which is frequented by a selection of little and bigger feathered friends including a mass of black birds (I am very worried for the state of my strawberries in the summer...will I get any or will the black birds eat all of them?)

There was this one black bird (pictured below about to fly away leaving discriminating evidence behind - pictured further below) who was very happy about this newly rotated earth /soil and the amount of worms that were there that he digged rather energetically for a long long time...And it is surprising how much earth can a little black bird move in a really short time! All around/on the corners of the turf the soil was starting to pile up and the black bird was not taking our hint to go away... Finally David had to go and put some bricks on the edge of the soil to stop the soil getting on to the lawn...seems to have worked so far...
But there is another threat to our lawn and we can't do anything about it :( On Sunday it was cold with a bitter siberian wind sweeping across Scotland and we got the tail end of it (it's still here). There were couple of odd snowflakes on Sunday but the sunshine was gorgeous (and very deceptive as it was freezing).

On yesterday the bitter wind was still here with the addition of rain, snow and hail in a random mixture all the afternoon. And today there was a light dusting of snow and it is still has been snowing for the last 1.5 hours...and te cold wind is still here...In usual conditions I would be estatic about the snow but now I am a bit worried about the turf, snif. But at least the snow looks pretty :)

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