Friday, March 16, 2007

Turf, turf, turf

We have been thinking for a while that we need to do something about the was just terrible. And Moses' digging probably didn't help it. The back garden consisted of these huge wide borders (maybe 1.2 meters) and lawn that you could not call lawn, it was more like mud with some clumps of grass.

So we had a look of couple of websites asking for a quote for some turf for the size of our back garden. We also phoned up some local guys from the yellow pages and one of them came around to give us a quote for the turf and for turf & labour.

I think both of us had been putting of the actual doing of the garden as it involved quite a lot of work, leveling it all out, digging up the old lawn. So when this guy gave us a quote for the turf and labour it didn't take much convincing for us to go for that option.

So they came today, two men with a selection of fancy machines and off they went and in about two hours they had transformed the back garden! It would have taken us weeks!!! It was very nice feeling sitting inside, drinking a nice cup of tea and peeking out every now and then to see how the work was advancing, no sweat, no blisters, no uneven lawn as a result...perfect.

So here it is what it looked like before (my apologies for the before and after pictures not being matching, David took the after one and he had a bright idea to take from upstairs so you can see the whole thing whereas my efforts were taken from the safety of the back door)

And here is a close up so you can see how bad it really was

Here is Moses and David watching the men hard at work - and the programme still keeps putting horizontal pictures in as a landscape :(
And here it is now, isn't it lovely...just need some sunshine and you can imagine having a BBQ

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