Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quiz, walk & bookcases

We had a quiz in church today and our team won :) not because we were in it though, we just about knew the answers to the sunday school questions, the trainee vicar questions were so and so and the spanish inquisition level questions went over our head...we could hardly understand the question! But we had fun :) and we won :)

It's been cold here today, we even saw couple of snow flakes this morning. We decided to take Moses to the woods (where we'd be sheltered from the wind) rather than walk on the beach (where we would have been blown away). Moses didn't seem to mind.

David is spending the evening by putting together some bookcases, he wants to make the box room/the study/his den a bit cosier and at the moment it is filled with folders and books etc. We are not really sure where we are going to put the bookcases yet. At the moment they are going into the dining room but they might have to be moved to the sitting room. We are still negotiating.

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