Thursday, March 22, 2007

Opposite of Indian summer

We had the opposite of indian summer...there isn't a word for it in English for my knowledge...but for the last couple of days we had winter come back, in full force, after some really warm and spring like weather!

And it snowed three days in a row :) and it was cold :) and the turf still seems to be ok which is even better.

I had a stats a spss workshop this afternoon. The instructions for what we were suppose to do where rather messy and impossible to follow so Lesley and I gave up after an hour and went and had a coffee. It was an hour well spent - far more enjoyable than trying to make sense to the instructions that did not make sense at all.

David is thinking of starting his own blog so what's this space.

One of the most amusing piece of news over the last couple of days was someone stealing a whole lorry full of Easter eggs. Most people are content with one or two ;)

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