Friday, March 09, 2007

The multiple uses of a dyson

We have a trusty dyson which has served us faithfully for nearly six years now. In the course of years we have discovered many handy ways to use it (in addition to the standard hoovering).

1. Cleaning BBQs It is very good for cleaning the ashes of barbeques...the big bits are easy to shavel to a bag but you always get left with lots of fine dust that doesn't want to dissapear regardless of your best efforts (David's brother was very impressed by our imaginative way of cleanign the bbq)

2. Cleaning fireplace as above very good at getting rid of the ashes

3. Cleaning up sawdust after sanding the floor in front room in Plymouth there was sawdust left in all sorts of unimagenable (is that a word?) places, they caused no trouble to our faithful DC04 absolute

4. Getting rid of plaster dust David had a go of plastering (see evidence below) but it did not turn out very flat and needed some fine tuning i.e. sanding. The sander died in the process but dyson survived

Somewhere along the way we discovered that dysons have a filter...and you are suppose to clean it every couple of months or so...we had not done this and whilst removing the plaster dust the dyson just suddenly died! Thankfully dyson has very comprehensive helpmydysonisnotworkingwhat'swrongsection where we found out that we were suppose to clean the filter - regularly. We found the filter quite easily but what was interesting was that after washing it was not grey but bright blue!!!

Also another interesting feature we've discovere that dog hairs get stuck in the hose part very easily if there is a little blockage, like a match got caught sideways. They built up very very quickly even with Moses having relatively short fur. Suddenly you realise that the dyson is not actually removing anything from the floor and when you start investigating the situation by starting to take the dyson to bits, you discover that all the possible parts are filled with dog hair.

And then you got the fun of trying to get them's not too bad when they are close to the beginning of the pipe/hose section but once they are a bit further in it's very tricky as you even haven't got gravity on your side :(

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