Thursday, March 08, 2007

Little bit of this and that

It's been lovely sunshine up here all day long. It really feels like spring is coming :) In the park by the metro station daffodils, crocuses and primulas are flowering. Even in our back garden the first daffodils are appearing.

David put a washing line up in the garden couple of weeks makes life so much easier being able to dry the washing outside. Before that the spare room had also doubled as the chinese laundry with clothes drying on every possible surface!

I had my stats/spss exam today. We could take notes with us so it wasn't really that serious (compared to my psychology stats exams when we actually had to calculate all the things using formulas & calculatos rather than spss).

I did make a silly mistake though...we were asked to correlate weekly income with the amount spent on food per week. We'd been given variable for income during the term so we had to use that to calculate the weekly income. I did it all beautifully, I did wonder that it was a bit odd that the mean weekly income was only £7 more than what was spent on food per week but didn't think anything more of it. When we were walking out somebody asked me if I had used 10 or 12 weeks as the lenght of the term...I used neither...I divided the term time income by 52!!! Oh well - you can't be perfect ;)

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