Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kitchen makeover

For the last month and a bit we've been in process of doing up the kitchen. We got given the doors and the frames so all we had to do was to get some carcasses. The process got complicated because all the carcasses had to be cut down to fit the frames as well as the to fit the size of the kitchen.

So here is the kitchen before. Note the missing panel underneath the sink also the cupboard in the corner you could not use as the door fell of every time you opened it! An other interesting feature was a draw that was held together with some packing tape.

And here is the kitchen after the improvements:
What you can't see from the picture is that when you walk in the kitchen looks much bigger when you walk in because it hasn't got cupboards coming nearly to the door on the side opposite to the cooker. We still need to do the tiling, lightstrip underneath the top cupboards and sand the floor. So not much to do.

David has done and amazing job doing it up! He is very handy man to have around :)

He has disappeared to mens curry and quiz night with the guys from church. (The guys from local churches get together every couple of months for curry & quiz, the idea is that they bring along a non christian friend...I'm eagerly waiting for the report of the evening...). Me and Moses are having a nice cosy night watching top gear and eating salmiakki. At the moment they are taking over London with home made stretch limos..........

On other news my sisters (my second eldest little sister) boyfriend has become third on the 500m speedskating worldcup in Calgary. And his time was a new finnish record.

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