Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Away day

Our school had an away day yesterday. We went away to a great distance of 1.5 miles from our usual building to the Thistle hotel in Newcastle city centre.

My previous experiences of away days or closest to them were annual faculty conferences in Plymouth. We did actually go away...all the way to Torquay. But the day was so boring, lots of talks about what the faculty is about and so on. The food was the highlight but by the third year even the food wasn't really enough to keep you exited for the whole day sitting down and listening to lectures.

As my previous experience of this kind of get togethers hasn't been too good I was a bit concered about the idea. I shouldn't have been...we had really fun day :)

The longest talk we had was 5 minutes welcome by the head of school after which we were divided into small groups to play the game 'guess who'. Everyone had been asked to bring something about us to the lady organising it a week before, the items ranged from favourite books, cds and films to photos of kids and pets (I had a picture of Moses) - there were even couple of old school reports.

We had brilliant time trying to guess whose the items were. And my team didn't do too badly regardless of getting some items terribly wrong. We lost by a point.

After some coffee & pastries we had a poster session. Again groups were formed, different than before, and we were armed with siscors (can't spell), glue, marker pens, glitter, magazines and lots of paper. Our task was to produce a poster of a section of the school that none of us worked for based on out perceptions and what we think they do. We got the computing department...we had such fun cutting and glueing, finding suitable titles from the magazines etc. and to our suprise...

...and our poster won. It was selected as the favourite poster by voting :) And we got a prize. The prize table consisted of wine and chocolate eggs. I got this big kitkat chocolate egg with a mug (much to David's delight).

After really yammee lunch we had a quiz in again different teams where my team came the second last but I was happy as I had my chocolate egg.

Hopefully it will be as much fun next year, it definitely transformed my idea of what academic away days are like ;)

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