Thursday, March 29, 2007

Amazing grace

Yesterday was we went to cinema. There has been lots of talk about abolition of slavery as it is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery act. So we went to see the film amazing grace which is about William Wilberforce who was the driving force behind the bill.

Neither one of us really knew anything about William Wilberforce or the struggle it took to bring the abolition of slavery bill about. The film was good, we both enjoyed it. It probably wasn't the film of the century but we learned a lot of new things :)

There were some good lines in it too. One of them was by the PM William Pitt who didn't share his friends regard for wild animals and told that he likes animals too...with brandy sauce. John Newton had a good line about the way God talks...Wilberforce was saying how God hadn't been talking in thunder to him recently and Newton answered back that sometimes God talks more like drizzle rather than thundery downpour.

We also saw the trailer for Oceans 13...we will definitely be going to see that when it comes out :)

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