Monday, February 19, 2007

What does it taste like...

The tail-end of my cold is still bothering me...I can't really smell anything and even less taste anything :( Very problematic...I am starving hungry but I've got no apetite. David has cooked me some lovely meals which seem like wasted on me as I can't taste them.

I went to uni this morning and David came to pick me up around lunch time. I like IKEA meatballs so off we went to IKEA for lunch. And the meatballs hardly tasted anything! As far as tasting food goes they tasted the most exiting meal I've had in days but they were nothing like usual :( Tonight we have some lasagne...I wonder what that tastes like.

One of my sisters came for a flying visit over the weekend with her boyfriend. It was lovely to see her and she brought me some chocolate, salmiakki, tea and rye bread which was nice. We introduced her to real englisg culture in form of fish&chips...very topical considering it was the national chip week last week!

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