Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday update

Six nations has started...yesterday we watched Englang surprisingly beat the Scots and now we are watching (or David is watching and I'm playing on the computer) Wales against Ireland. Rugby players are not very pretty...broken ears, funny noses, necks like tree trunks...but at least they are quite articulate, no need for subtitles like you'd need with some of the football players ;) It seems very even so far, the welsh just scored a penalty to take 6-5 lead.

Olly and Becky came for a flying visit on their way to snowboarding in Italy, they flew from Newcastle so we got to spend an evening together and took them to the airport early this morning.

We went to church this morning as well. It was very nice even with a lady singing somewhat out of tune somewhere behind us. God gently reminded me that it is the heart that matters...

The weather has been really nice all weekend. We went to the beach with Moses after church and it was packed and it's only February. It is really nice on the beach but it gets a bit frustrating as Moses wants to say hello to every single dog. Mission for the next couple of weeks is to find more walks with less dogs. Moses seemed to enjoy the walk though which is the main thing.

There has been funny little mishap, involving playing the wrong national anthem, that was mentioned in the news this morning.

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