Thursday, February 15, 2007

Quiet life

Last couple of days have been very quiet in the Lindsey household. I've had a horrible cold/coughing thing. Last two days I spent in the bed, trying to sleep and hoping that I would get better. Drinking lots of hot blackcurrant, orange juice smoothies. I couldn't really bite or swallow anything so my diet has largely consisted of the combination of yogurth and porridge.

Today I've been feeling a bit better and I got myself downstairs where I spent the day dozing and watching friends. I even found an episode which I had not seen before! The first two days I was just coughing but today I am sniffing as well. Moses is very pleased as he has got three cardboard rolls from toalet paper rolls to play I have been sniffing a lot.

Consequently our Valentine Day was not very romantic...David did buy me some lovely flowers though :) I could hardly speak as my throat was hurting so much and I was all dozy, shivery and not very well at all...but thankfully I am much better now :)

And David is cooking now - what more could you ask! Macarone cheese. Nice and soft meal to start with after my porridge diet :) After watching friends for all afternoon I did really fancy some pizza or popcorn - they seem to eat them in most of the episodes...

Moses was very worried about me every time I had a extended coughing fit...he came and sniffed me and gave me a little lick to make sure I was ok.

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