Monday, February 26, 2007

On my master and mistress

I have been in this household for nearly a year now and I still haven't got my master and mistress organised. Little dogs need to have regurlar bedtimes - a concept that does not enter in to my owners head! I regurlarly need to give them hints so that they realise that it is time to let me out and then put me in my cage.

Last night was a typical example, they sat on the sofa watching some detective thing called Lewis and it was getting late. I can see the appeal in top gear...they have a dog...but this thing is so I have retired myself to my den, a nice warm spot behind the sofa in front of the radiator...and it was getting later and later and they are not getting the hint...and the detective thing finished so up I leaped (I am getting very good at recognising the end tunes of tv programmes) but oh dear...there was some football on and I feared I'd have to wait even longer to get to bed.

Thankfully my mistress was tired and she went to get a glass of water before heading upstairs. So I waited by the backdoor thinking she'd get my hint that I want to go outside and then to bed. But no, she was very slow to catch on to the idea, I finally convinced her that I wanted to go to bed! I guess I could put myself in the cage without them closing the door but there is something very nice about your master or mistress coming to close the door and say good night to you.

And don't even get me started on my can they sit doen so calmly on the sofa drinking a cup of tea when it is five minutes to six...five minutes to my dinner time. And they have the cheek of looking at tehir watch, pointing at it and telling me that it is not time yet! I know when my dinner time is as well as I know when my bedtime is...the problem is that these humans have to be reminded about these things...if you don't keep pestering them I am sure one time they will forget to feed you or put you to bed...I am not willing to take the risk!

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