Friday, February 23, 2007

Lemon merengue pie

We drove to town couple of days ago, we were lazy and we were late. We found a parking space outside this toyshop and there was something very funny in a league table for kids! Made out of soft stuffed cotton pieces...all the teams in the top four leagues of English football...we thought it would make a brilliant birthday present for Tony!

We went down to York last night and had a lovely dinner with Amy. Cottage pie and lemon merengue pie...yammee...and it was also nice to see Amy :)

This morning we finally managed to walk to church and be there on time! Last couple of weeks we've had to drive and we've been late - every single time. Today we even had couple of minutes to spare. The church is on the other end of Whitley Bay High Street so it's a good 15 minute walk. Just the right distance, not too far so that you get there hot and out of breath but not too close so you feel like you've actually walked somewhere.

Tonight we are having a roast...we went to the butchers yesterday and got this nice piece of beef...tonight it is roast potatoes, roast parsnips, yorkshire puddings, gravy, carrots, nice pink beef...I am already salivating...David has also requested a steamed pudding for a desert...


The Lindseys said...

hmmm...this was randomly dated for Friday even though I wrote it today - I guess it must be because I started it on to check the roast :)

Anonymous said...

On May 26 06 you mention Saphorgan. Is it Daniel Saphorgan who lived in colchester in 87 doing a music degree? Would love to hear. Great blog site, by the way. I am also a christian.