Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It snowed...

It has been frosty here for two mornings in the row and yesterday afternoon there was a dusting of snow...very light dusting...there was probably one snowflake for every 5 square centimetres...and it was clear in the night so I wasn't even thinking snow could be possible but...

When we woke up there was snow! And lots of it - by English starnards - i.e. enough to cover the ground and little bit on the trees! But it is snow and I am happy :)

Finally my snowdrops get to be real snowdrops rather than pretty little flowers surrounded by mud! I've always wanted snowdrops but in Plymouth the slugs and snails ate the snowdrop bulbs before they got to flower. I planted them couple of times but they never came up and I can't really think any other explanation for it. The lady who lived in the house before us obviously liked snow drops as there are tens and tens of them in both back and front gardens :)

Moses hasn't really seen proper snow before but he really seemed to enjoy it. He bounced around trying to catch snowflakes, sniffed and generally seemed very pleased with life.

And he got some snow stuck on his nose...

Here is a picture from front of the house (you can just about see the front garden and the nose of our car). It was really nice waking up to snow covered roofs and trees but unfortunately the sun is shining now and my snow is dissapearing :(

As we were having our mornign cup of tea we thought it would be very funny if this turned out to be the coldest February in years after the warmest January for years...I'd be up for that. If there had been a bit more snow we could have built a snowman and see how Moses reacted to it, most likely barking and bouncing around would have been fun to see.

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