Thursday, February 01, 2007

How sweet

There has been lots of interesting stories in the news this week, like the holy socks of the president of the world bank but this is definitely the sweetest...11 months old rotweiller pup mothering two little lambs. They look so cute, don't they.
I think Moses' first reaction would have been to chase them and try to round them up! Moses was very naughty this morning, while we were having out morning cup of tea we heard some dubious noises downstairs but ignored them...wrong choice...Moses had found the bin and eaten anything edable that was in the bin...including some couscous that was defintely past it's best before date...but it doesn't seemed to have affected him at all! We rolle dup the rug in the front room as a precautionary measure - just in case.

Moses has been very faithfully waiting at the window when I'm coming home. I can see him looking out and hte moment he recognises me he runs to the front door and shuffles about very exitedly. It is nice coming home and knowing that he is waiting impatiently for me. COuple of days ago my keys were at the bottom of my handbag so it took longer than usual for me to open the door...Moses did not approve of that and gave me a little bark as to say 'please hurry up mistress, I have waited a long time for you and want to say hello to you NOW'!!!

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