Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fish and roses

We bought some wild alaskan salmon yesterday from sainsbury's. As I had lectures untill 6pm David offered to cook for me :) There was a powerfailure somewhere along the metro line so I had to wait for 20 minutes for a metro. When I got home both him and Moses where very exited. They'd been to the beach, Moses was shedding sand everywhere he went...

David had found this amazing looking recipe (no3) on google and we missed some indegredients for it, i.e. the tagliatelle and parsley and off we went to the supermarket again. I got highly exited as we got there. One of the shop ladies had a huge trolly of flowers which she was reducing as their sell by date was today.

I spent 1.47 and got two bunches of fairtrade roses (above) and some gorgeous lilies. It made up for getting a papercut from a lecture handout and the wait for the metro!

I've been requested to lay the table so I'm off.

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