Monday, February 05, 2007


So today was our first day of looking for alternative walks. On top of the beach being busy, most beaches have a dog ban from April to end of September so we really need to find some more walks before that!

When we were driving back from the beach yesterday we took a different route home to avoid the town centre which was busy with sunday walkers. We drove past this wooded area and thought that might be worth investigating...when we got home we had a quick look on the OS map and it looked like there was a little river there...very good...Moses likes water...and I like water because it de-muddyfies his paws.

So today we had our great exploration into this little woodland which turned out to be a local nature reserve. All the better :) Little information board we came across told us that there are kingfishers and otters there. Our only nature observation was hearing the woodpecker knocking away at a side of a tree. Moses approved on the walk so we'll be going there again.

The other exiting highlight of my day was having a chair safety assesment at uni. Basically checking that my chair is not a hazard, I sit at the right position, my computer screen is at the right level etc. Apart from ticking lots of boxes on a form the lady who did the assesment concluded that I needed a new chair which she mentioned in long term outcomes of hte assesment (anything up to a year!). Medium term outcome (up to 8 months) was sorting out my phoneline - at the moment I am sharing with Yadelah (another PhD student I share an office with who is from Iran). So hopefully in years time I have a fancy new chair and sooner my own phone...I can always hope ;)

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