Wednesday, February 21, 2007

correlation between shoelaces coming undone and being late for metro?

Very high...if my experience is anything to go by! At least three times my shoelaces have come undone pretty much the moment when I realise I need to run for the metro (i.e. I can see it coming from the corner of my eye and I've still got 100 metres to the station). Each time I have made the decision to run with shoelaces undone rather than do them up and risk missing the metro.

I must have been very amusing sight trying to run whilst consciously avoiding stepping on the trailing shoelace! But I have not missed the metro because of my shoelaces - yet. I guess the sensible option would be to do my shoelaces up properly before I leave the house rather than just pulling my shoes on without undoing the laces ;)

I've spent a whole day doing SPSS workshop (beginners). Regardless of doing stats for three years for my degree I had to do the beginners workshop in order to go to a advanced workshop that is on next week! So I've spent most of the day hearing things I knew but I did learn couple of handy tips I didn't know so it wasn't entirely wasted day :)

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Laura's a secret stats geek! But now it's not secret.