Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Complementary log-log

I had my day of advanced SPSS today...I've spent the day doing all sorts of weird and unusual data analysis. I learned all about different types of regressions and we had some fun looking at this credit rating database and the variables which are used to decide if someone gets a loan or not. I never knew in statistics you could have something called negative log-log or complementary log-log...(link functions used in ordinal regression - my knewly learnt knowledge is still there!)

I also had the interesting experience doing a workshop in an English university with 15 or so other people of whom none were English and the lecturer were Cameronian. There was a German girl but apart from her and me everyone else came from middle east or far east (the university has a postgraduate dean whose job it is to recruit postgraduates from those parts of the world because they usually pay rather than get paid to do PhDs)

My help is requested in the kitchen. David has been putting the pelmet, the picturerail looking thing that goes on top of the cupboards, up in the kitchen but it's time to finish for the day and I get to help with the tidy-up.

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