Friday, February 09, 2007

Brownie monster

I baked some brownies day before yesterday. I've got really lovely recipe that doesn't actually use any chocolate - just cocoa....which is very good as I am more likely to have cocoa rather than chocolate in the house!

I was very good yesterday and included one brownie in my packed lunch. By 10 am I had had an email from David telling me he had already had two brownies with his coffee! And I was saving my one and only brownie for lunch :( Just before lunch time I got another email telling me that he had had another piece of brownie! Definitely not fair!!! And he had another piece in the afternoon :( I did after all make the brownies...and I only had one piece when David had time I might not be so self controlled.

Thankfully there were some left so I could have anohter piece in the evening to make up for just having one at work :)

PS: it snowed again last night, only very slighty, and it's all melted again but at least it snowed.

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