Monday, February 12, 2007

Aren't we cute?

There was a whole picture story of these little pandas on bbc news website. They'd had an official naming ceremony for them. The most popular name suggested was Tao Tao, which was one of my favourite kid's programmes when I was little. I also liked Nalle Luppakorva, a finnish doll animation which main charachter is a funny little bear...I can still sing the theme tune...
Weekend went very quickly, I painted the kitchen. We are not really sure on the colour though! When we did little test patch it looked quite nice and light the whole room is painted it is very definitely light blue! I kind of like it but David thinks it's too girly.
We went for a walk with Moses last night and he managed to roll on something smelly so we had a great operation 'de-smellify Moses'. Out hose outside is not working so we had to keep filling the bucket from the kitchen tap. In the end, he was cleaned and he still smelled so we had a dog that smelled wet and very slighty cow pooy...he was not invited into the living room. This morning the smell had subdued a bit so he got few more cuddles than last night ;)

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