Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So what has happened

Since the 20th of December we have

- sold a house
- bought a house
- moved house

- travelled from foggy heathrow (only 6 hours late)
- arrived in Helsinki at 5am to be told that the bags never got loaded on to the plane eventhough we were waiting for 2hours in the plane at the gate waiting for permission to leave!
- went to bed at 7am
- woke up at 12pm
- went shopping for some clothes thanks to our travel insurance that allowed us to spend £100 each for emergency supplies if hte bags had been delayed more than 12 hours
- were re-united with our bags, one of them was sent directly to the countryside to my parents place because it arrived so late (and it got there before us...we were driving whereas our suitcase got a domestic flight & taxi drive)

- we went to the countryside for Christmas (photos to follow)
- spent time with my family
- opened presents
- ate lots of good food
- travelled to Helsinki with 3 sisters, one brother and a cat

- Went to quite a few cafes and had coffee & korvapuusti
- spent time with my grannie
- went to see James Bond for the second time with my brother and his girlfriend
- woke up earliesh to go to the airport
- arrived at the airport to realise we had missed our flight
- realised neither one had never checked the time the flight was suppose to leave (but we did know hwat time it was suppose to be arriving at Heathrow!)
- went to see a lovely lady who booked us onto the next flight at no extra cost :)
- checked our bags in and went back to Helsinki for an other korvapuusti

- arrived safely back to the UK
- got very warm and sloppery welcome from Moses
- drove all the way back to Newcastle
- unpacked boxes
- unpacked more boxes
- unpacked even more boxes
- had our 6th anniversary unpacking boxes
- went out for lovely meal
- unpacked more boxes

- went to see a football match with Craig, Kerina & Peter
- heard that Craig & Kerina had got engaged
- got very exited about the idea of the wedding

- Amy came for a visit for couple of days
- we explored the Whitley Bay High Street
- had a quy to come and install our cooker (we had waited for him for the last 5 days) only to tell us he couldn't connect it!
- dispaired at the thought of more microwave meals (jacket potatos & soup get a bit boring after a while)
- found another guy who came the same day and had a working cooker
- cooked an amazing roast lamb & steamed treacle pudding for dinner to celebrate that

- travelled in the metro to Newcastle & back
- bought a metro pass
- travelled in the metro again :)
- ares still waiting for the internet to be connected to our new abode


Nikki said...

your christmas sounded good was there snow? in the telegraph it said there is a restaurant called "brasserie black door" which used to be an old biscuit factory which is supposed to be good to eat in apparently the steamed orange pudding is good especially!! anyway it was £16.50 for a set lunch just thought i'd let u know for when david gets a job.... oh and its in stoddart street tel 0191 2605411 anyway,looks like im finally going to get back to work!!! so thats cool.... paul is still doing up our room but its "looking good kid" and getting there which is good ps not that i shop for myself now a days but there is a jones boot maker in the plymouth mall.... strange..... still have only been in H&M once which is good i think and have never been in zara..... all spare money seems to go on ballet and swim lessons..... anyway happi new year! nikki ps can i have the recipie for the curly finnish ear cakes sometime ta pps yes! i will send u your gingerbread book cake book back nikkixx

The Lindseys said...

Yes, htere was snow :) Not much but enough to call it snow :) We've finally got broadband at home so I can put some picture in the blog tonight.

Yes, I've heard about the biscuit factory place. It's suppose to have lots of crafty shops there. We went to and it was really nice, the food was tasty.

I'll email the recipe tonight if I remember. I'm not going to bake any gingerbreads untill next xmas so you can always bring the book up with you when you come to see us (hopefully before next xmas!)

Laura :)