Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No sink but....

...there is some SNOW!!! It has finally snowed here and I have proof of it :) I got highly exited this morning when I saw it. I'd fed Moses and let him out and started making a cup of tea. When I let him back in he was covered in tiny white specs...snowflakes :) David thought I got a bit too exited about it, it is just snow!?!

And what is even better, it is still snowing tonight. And it is not just little bit of snow but it is really really snowing...

David has spent the day plumbing. We have no sink in the kitchen but he has been plumber extraordinaire and has sorted out the plumbing so that it fits in with the new units. The old plumbing was really really dodgy, all wonky and randomly connected. David's plumbing looks amazing and it doesn't leak. Now we just need to get a new sink because the old one has hte draining board on the wrong side. But the old one will do temporarily.

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