Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Laundry & walking

Due to some alterations that are taking place in the kitchen we have not been able to do any washing for a while as there has been no water for the washing machine. David finally connected back together yeterday and now our house looks like chinese laundry, clothes drying in every possible place :)

We went to register with GPs today as well. I had a look online how to get there, it's just around hte corner on the other side of hte metro line. The website also had an option of getting a I did...wonderful modern technology told me that the shortest time it was going to take to get there (distance maybe .5 miles) was 11 minutes! The reason being the instructions told you to cross the metro line, wait at the bus stop for a bus, get the bus, get of at the next stop (couple of hundred meters down the road) and then walk again!

It's pretty much full moon and we took Moses out to the beach tonight. It was low tide so we could walk quite a way out. It was beautiful, the moonlight shimmering on the wet sand, the waves crushing. And Moses enjoyed himself running around madly at his top speed as usual!

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