Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kitchen is advancing

Kitchen is getting tehre, or at least a bit closer than it was before. The electrics have been sorted out, David's hired a worktop jig so we can cut the worktops to size with fancy holes for bolts to join them together. I haven't had a sink for a week which is bit of a challenge but did some washing up yesterday on the dining room table - we were running out of mugs so somehting had to be done ;)

Amy is coming up for the day today, arriving middayish . David is going to be doing more diy later on but now we are watching the australian open. Federer has just won the first set. Apart from diy we have not done much this last week.

Moses has been our nosy neigbour keeping taps on the goings on of Abbotsford Park. Yesterday he got highly conserned about a little girls cycling along the pavement with flashing lights on her bike. He also woke up Friday night at 3am and woke us up howling and barking. Not sure if he had a bad dream or he heard somehting - either way we weren't too pleased to be woken up!

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