Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kitchen in pieces

We went to pick up a kitchen (doors, frames and somecarcasses) from Berkhamsted last week. David's family friends are getting a new kitchen and offered us the old one which was brilliant as our kitchen is pretty bad, it is in serious need of some modernising.

So we spent two days taking the kitchen apart. We managed to get it all in the car and drove back to north on Thursday afternoon when the country was still recovering from the worst storm in years. We got back safely and in not too bad time. We went up the A1 for a while but it was closed (like most of the motorways) at some point and we came up on smaller roads with little d-tour. We saw at least 7 lorries which had been blown over in the wind!

Now the kitchen pieces are sitting in the corner of the dining room waiting to be put in. We went to ikea this afternoon to get the missing carcasses and David is rearing to go and get on with the kitchen tomorrow morning...unfortunately he needs to sort out the electrics before he can do anything else.

Olly & Becky came up this weekend and we had lovely time. We didn't really do that much but just relaxed and had fun together. Moses was very pleased to have more people playing with him - I guess our company might get a bit boring at times ;)

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