Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Exitement is over

There is no snow left :( It all melted last night. And today it has just been raining. And we still not have a sink either. We've bought one but it takes 7-10 working days for delivery so David is going to plumb the old one in for the time being.

The exiting bit of news for today is that David's mum is getting a puppy today. She is rather fine thing, a proper border collie with fine pedigree and american father rather than a working sheepdog like Moses whose father was the sheepdog from the next farm along (But I'm sure Moses will give her a run for her money when they meet). She is going to called Tara. And we think she is black and white. At an rate we think she is going to take to Moses a bit more warmly than Kinza whose first reaction to Moses you can see below ;)
The blogger thing still has some issues with potrait pictures i.e. it's puts them in as landscape :( so you'll need to tilt your head (and double click on the pic) to see Kinza's growl. She is not as petrified of Moses now than she was before but we have been told that there is apparent relief in her behaviour when Moses leaves after a visit...

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