Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cutting trees etc

The weekend is nearly over and it has been very busy. David's parents came up on Friday evening and left this morning so I have done lots of cooking. We also went to ikea to get some candles and a coat hanger for the hall. We went for a walk in Drurudge Bay yesterday which was lovely but very windy, we've had gale or stormforce winds for the last couple of days!

Today after David's parents left, I've done some gardening and David has been sorting out the loft. There was quite a lot of stuff that had been left there when we moved in and unfortunately none of it is precious antique :( There is one tree in our small back garden but it was taking up lots of space so David cut it a bit smaller with my help. I also planted some primroses I bought from B&Q last week.

On the house improvement front, I have finished the curtains for the front room. David has dismantled the built in wardrobe that was in our bedroom and took up lots of room, I steamed of the wall paper and we painted it together. Now we just need to put some picturerail up (some of it had been removed when the wardrobe was built).

We had planned to paint the room magnolia but B&Q had some paints reduced from 17,99 to 2.50! So instead of magnolia the room is treacle delight, kind of beige, light coffee colour. We also got colour called kelp for the dining room and manhattan view for the spare room. And all that for less than one huge pot of magnolia would have cost.

Once the house is a bit tidier I'll take some pictures of the improvements...but here are some pics from yesterdays excursion to Druridge Bay

Moses found a orange disk that had been the lid of something in it's previous life (you can just about make it out underneath his front paws) and he was carrying it around like a trophy but because it was so wind it kept flipping up and flying away. We had lots of fun watching him chace this orange blob racing with the wind!

The colours were lovely, the skyline is wonky as I am not very good at
taking pictures with the mittens on!

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