Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas pictures 3

Hmmm...not exactly sure what is going on with the potrait format pictures...But here are more Christmas pictures, now we've got to Christmas Day.
Whilst my sisters were larking around on top of the red thing (it was used to store grain when the house where my parents live was a farm), you can just about make them out if you enlarge the picture, we went for a walk. The weatehr had been quite mild but on Christmas day it dropped to -15 celcius

David at the beginning of the walk.

Me at the beginning of the walk. My sisters had much more exiting hats than I did so I am borrowing one of theirs (not sure whose)

It was pretty cold but we walked all the way to where my sisters catch theri school bus (2km/1+miles) and a bit further to the lake and back.

There were some really pretty seedheads by the lake. Because the temperature had dropped so suddenly we could hear the ice cracking as it was freezing & expanding

By the end of the walk we were really looking forwards to nice glass of glogi, mulled wine. My hear was frozen and so were out jackets.

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