Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas pictures 2

My sister Roosa reading the Christmas story from the Bible at the beginning of the meal

And we all fitted around the table :) The food was lovely, especially my dad's meatballs, the best in the world!


The Lindseys said...

PS: with 13 people it was quite difficult (i.e. impossible) to find a photo in which no one was pulling a funny face or where you could see everyone!

Nikki said...

very impressive that u all fitted round the table!! like the old woman who lived in a shoe!! poor u as i had a feeling that it would be your comment !!! nikki (seeings i hadnt written one!!)

The Lindseys said...

I know, it is very sad that no one else leaves me comments!!! I do appreciate your efforts Nikki :) Thank you!!!