Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Laundry & walking

Due to some alterations that are taking place in the kitchen we have not been able to do any washing for a while as there has been no water for the washing machine. David finally connected back together yeterday and now our house looks like chinese laundry, clothes drying in every possible place :)

We went to register with GPs today as well. I had a look online how to get there, it's just around hte corner on the other side of hte metro line. The website also had an option of getting a I did...wonderful modern technology told me that the shortest time it was going to take to get there (distance maybe .5 miles) was 11 minutes! The reason being the instructions told you to cross the metro line, wait at the bus stop for a bus, get the bus, get of at the next stop (couple of hundred meters down the road) and then walk again!

It's pretty much full moon and we took Moses out to the beach tonight. It was low tide so we could walk quite a way out. It was beautiful, the moonlight shimmering on the wet sand, the waves crushing. And Moses enjoyed himself running around madly at his top speed as usual!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh dear...

I have just realised I have done somehting rather silly...I have sent a letter without a stamp :( Not good! I guess they'll just send it back to me.

Kitchen is advancing, we have got all the work tops cut to the right size with fancy curvy joints and routed bolt holes. David is putting the sink in today, but before he can do that he needs to lower the drainage because the new sink is different size than the old one and the drainage is on wrong level, i.e. too high.

I've got lecture this afternoon from 4-6 which I think is very cruel time to have lectures on and I've got them every Tuesday and Thursday untill the end of April. So I wont be home untill 6.45 the earlierst :( which is very late. (But hopefully it means that David will do the cooking on those days...?)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kitchen is advancing

Kitchen is getting tehre, or at least a bit closer than it was before. The electrics have been sorted out, David's hired a worktop jig so we can cut the worktops to size with fancy holes for bolts to join them together. I haven't had a sink for a week which is bit of a challenge but did some washing up yesterday on the dining room table - we were running out of mugs so somehting had to be done ;)

Amy is coming up for the day today, arriving middayish . David is going to be doing more diy later on but now we are watching the australian open. Federer has just won the first set. Apart from diy we have not done much this last week.

Moses has been our nosy neigbour keeping taps on the goings on of Abbotsford Park. Yesterday he got highly conserned about a little girls cycling along the pavement with flashing lights on her bike. He also woke up Friday night at 3am and woke us up howling and barking. Not sure if he had a bad dream or he heard somehting - either way we weren't too pleased to be woken up!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here she is

She looks adorable, doesn't she. However Kinza is not so sure about her...I can't wait to see her but it is a long drive from here to Dorset :( so it might be a while before we get to see her. Also our new sink has arrived and David is putting it in today or tomorrow. Depending on how quickly he gets the base units in :) And one of my sisters is coming over in February :) So all around life is very exiting!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Exitement is over

There is no snow left :( It all melted last night. And today it has just been raining. And we still not have a sink either. We've bought one but it takes 7-10 working days for delivery so David is going to plumb the old one in for the time being.

The exiting bit of news for today is that David's mum is getting a puppy today. She is rather fine thing, a proper border collie with fine pedigree and american father rather than a working sheepdog like Moses whose father was the sheepdog from the next farm along (But I'm sure Moses will give her a run for her money when they meet). She is going to called Tara. And we think she is black and white. At an rate we think she is going to take to Moses a bit more warmly than Kinza whose first reaction to Moses you can see below ;)
The blogger thing still has some issues with potrait pictures i.e. it's puts them in as landscape :( so you'll need to tilt your head (and double click on the pic) to see Kinza's growl. She is not as petrified of Moses now than she was before but we have been told that there is apparent relief in her behaviour when Moses leaves after a visit...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No sink but....

...there is some SNOW!!! It has finally snowed here and I have proof of it :) I got highly exited this morning when I saw it. I'd fed Moses and let him out and started making a cup of tea. When I let him back in he was covered in tiny white specs...snowflakes :) David thought I got a bit too exited about it, it is just snow!?!

And what is even better, it is still snowing tonight. And it is not just little bit of snow but it is really really snowing...

David has spent the day plumbing. We have no sink in the kitchen but he has been plumber extraordinaire and has sorted out the plumbing so that it fits in with the new units. The old plumbing was really really dodgy, all wonky and randomly connected. David's plumbing looks amazing and it doesn't leak. Now we just need to get a new sink because the old one has hte draining board on the wrong side. But the old one will do temporarily.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kitchen in pieces

We went to pick up a kitchen (doors, frames and somecarcasses) from Berkhamsted last week. David's family friends are getting a new kitchen and offered us the old one which was brilliant as our kitchen is pretty bad, it is in serious need of some modernising.

So we spent two days taking the kitchen apart. We managed to get it all in the car and drove back to north on Thursday afternoon when the country was still recovering from the worst storm in years. We got back safely and in not too bad time. We went up the A1 for a while but it was closed (like most of the motorways) at some point and we came up on smaller roads with little d-tour. We saw at least 7 lorries which had been blown over in the wind!

Now the kitchen pieces are sitting in the corner of the dining room waiting to be put in. We went to ikea this afternoon to get the missing carcasses and David is rearing to go and get on with the kitchen tomorrow morning...unfortunately he needs to sort out the electrics before he can do anything else.

Olly & Becky came up this weekend and we had lovely time. We didn't really do that much but just relaxed and had fun together. Moses was very pleased to have more people playing with him - I guess our company might get a bit boring at times ;)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So what does it look like?

This is what the metro looks like...very yellow. On my way to uni this morning I had to cope without a paper...all the papers were gone fromt he stand before 9am and someone had cleaned the metro so there were none on the sets either!

We are driving down south tonight to pick up a kitchen from Victoria and also popping in to say hello to Rob & Gaenor quickly.

Monday, January 15, 2007


For week and a bit I have been taking the metro to uni and so far I have discovered the following:
- there are lots of ticket inspectors, I have so far had my tickets checked three times
- the seats are very close to each other, your knees are touching hte person opposite you if you sit properly
- if you take the metro around 3.30 it is full of school kids
- there are no newspapers left on the stand if you leave for uni after 9am
- I can keep myself amused for the 20+ minutes it takes to come home by listening to people's might get a bit boring soon so I guess I'll need to take a book or something with me
- someone has a huge tiered fountain in their stamp-sized backgarden

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cutting trees etc

The weekend is nearly over and it has been very busy. David's parents came up on Friday evening and left this morning so I have done lots of cooking. We also went to ikea to get some candles and a coat hanger for the hall. We went for a walk in Drurudge Bay yesterday which was lovely but very windy, we've had gale or stormforce winds for the last couple of days!

Today after David's parents left, I've done some gardening and David has been sorting out the loft. There was quite a lot of stuff that had been left there when we moved in and unfortunately none of it is precious antique :( There is one tree in our small back garden but it was taking up lots of space so David cut it a bit smaller with my help. I also planted some primroses I bought from B&Q last week.

On the house improvement front, I have finished the curtains for the front room. David has dismantled the built in wardrobe that was in our bedroom and took up lots of room, I steamed of the wall paper and we painted it together. Now we just need to put some picturerail up (some of it had been removed when the wardrobe was built).

We had planned to paint the room magnolia but B&Q had some paints reduced from 17,99 to 2.50! So instead of magnolia the room is treacle delight, kind of beige, light coffee colour. We also got colour called kelp for the dining room and manhattan view for the spare room. And all that for less than one huge pot of magnolia would have cost.

Once the house is a bit tidier I'll take some pictures of the improvements...but here are some pics from yesterdays excursion to Druridge Bay

Moses found a orange disk that had been the lid of something in it's previous life (you can just about make it out underneath his front paws) and he was carrying it around like a trophy but because it was so wind it kept flipping up and flying away. We had lots of fun watching him chace this orange blob racing with the wind!

The colours were lovely, the skyline is wonky as I am not very good at
taking pictures with the mittens on!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas pictures 4

My brother and I had some experience of being pyromaniacs when we were little, we were only trying to help with burning some leaves but it got a bit out of hand and the firebrigade had to be called to the rescue (thankfully they were only across the road!) So we were very happy to make a fire in a bit more controlled environment this time. We had a bonfire of old shrubs and lots of twigs that we got to burn one evening :)

Picture of everyone (-David who took the picture)

Christmas pictures 3

Hmmm...not exactly sure what is going on with the potrait format pictures...But here are more Christmas pictures, now we've got to Christmas Day.
Whilst my sisters were larking around on top of the red thing (it was used to store grain when the house where my parents live was a farm), you can just about make them out if you enlarge the picture, we went for a walk. The weatehr had been quite mild but on Christmas day it dropped to -15 celcius

David at the beginning of the walk.

Me at the beginning of the walk. My sisters had much more exiting hats than I did so I am borrowing one of theirs (not sure whose)

It was pretty cold but we walked all the way to where my sisters catch theri school bus (2km/1+miles) and a bit further to the lake and back.

There were some really pretty seedheads by the lake. Because the temperature had dropped so suddenly we could hear the ice cracking as it was freezing & expanding

By the end of the walk we were really looking forwards to nice glass of glogi, mulled wine. My hear was frozen and so were out jackets.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas pictures 2

My sister Roosa reading the Christmas story from the Bible at the beginning of the meal

And we all fitted around the table :) The food was lovely, especially my dad's meatballs, the best in the world!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Christmas pictures 1

An assorted collection of pictures from Christmas time to follow:

Here we are about to start the hunt for perfect Christmas three. My brother is pulling my youngest sister in a tobogan whilst others followed at more subdued speed.

After much deliberating we found the perfect three in the woods, cut it down and my brother and David got the honour of carrying it back home.

We also found a tiny one for my sister Emppu that was put outside the house with some lights on it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So what has happened

Since the 20th of December we have

- sold a house
- bought a house
- moved house

- travelled from foggy heathrow (only 6 hours late)
- arrived in Helsinki at 5am to be told that the bags never got loaded on to the plane eventhough we were waiting for 2hours in the plane at the gate waiting for permission to leave!
- went to bed at 7am
- woke up at 12pm
- went shopping for some clothes thanks to our travel insurance that allowed us to spend £100 each for emergency supplies if hte bags had been delayed more than 12 hours
- were re-united with our bags, one of them was sent directly to the countryside to my parents place because it arrived so late (and it got there before us...we were driving whereas our suitcase got a domestic flight & taxi drive)

- we went to the countryside for Christmas (photos to follow)
- spent time with my family
- opened presents
- ate lots of good food
- travelled to Helsinki with 3 sisters, one brother and a cat

- Went to quite a few cafes and had coffee & korvapuusti
- spent time with my grannie
- went to see James Bond for the second time with my brother and his girlfriend
- woke up earliesh to go to the airport
- arrived at the airport to realise we had missed our flight
- realised neither one had never checked the time the flight was suppose to leave (but we did know hwat time it was suppose to be arriving at Heathrow!)
- went to see a lovely lady who booked us onto the next flight at no extra cost :)
- checked our bags in and went back to Helsinki for an other korvapuusti

- arrived safely back to the UK
- got very warm and sloppery welcome from Moses
- drove all the way back to Newcastle
- unpacked boxes
- unpacked more boxes
- unpacked even more boxes
- had our 6th anniversary unpacking boxes
- went out for lovely meal
- unpacked more boxes

- went to see a football match with Craig, Kerina & Peter
- heard that Craig & Kerina had got engaged
- got very exited about the idea of the wedding

- Amy came for a visit for couple of days
- we explored the Whitley Bay High Street
- had a quy to come and install our cooker (we had waited for him for the last 5 days) only to tell us he couldn't connect it!
- dispaired at the thought of more microwave meals (jacket potatos & soup get a bit boring after a while)
- found another guy who came the same day and had a working cooker
- cooked an amazing roast lamb & steamed treacle pudding for dinner to celebrate that

- travelled in the metro to Newcastle & back
- bought a metro pass
- travelled in the metro again :)
- ares still waiting for the internet to be connected to our new abode

Thursday, January 04, 2007

We are still alive

Long silence, lots to tell. Will do a proper update next week when I'm properly back at uni/work (I've just come to check my emails to see if there is anythign urgent I need to do before going back to unpacking more boxes) or earlier if we get broadband connceted at home over the weekend. We had good Christmas with some eventful travel experiences...