Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend update

On Friday the weather was gorgeous so we went on a little exursion in the afternoon. David had borrowed this panoramic camera for the weekend so off we went to Druridge Bay (above). It's about 25 minutes drive from pur new house and it is absolutely gorgeous place. I walked up and down the beach with Moses while David took some pictures. Moses beat up this black labrador who was double his size so he was happy. I had an afternoon of so I was happy and David had a fancy camera to play with so he was happy.

On Satruday we went to see Amy (David's sister) in York. She had baked these amazing muffins so we had a good start to a day with cup of tea and some muffins. Her house is next to the park so we took Moses for a wonder around the park and amused ourselves with watching him try to catch some ducks and anadian geese. They obviously cheated and swam deeper or flew away everytime he got a bit too close to them.
We wondered into town which was heaving with Christmas shoppers. Had lunch in a lovely tearoom. We did think about going up the tower of York Minster (above) but it was £3.50/each with no student discount so we decided against it and walked along the city walls instead. In the evening we had lovely dinner cooked by Amy before heading back home. On the way back we saw these warehouses/barn buildings in fire along the A1(M) and there were 5-6 fire-engines trying to put out the fire. Google was unable to fullfill my curiousity about the fire so we are not sure how it started and what was burning.
On Sunday we continued our church hunting. This time it was Elim. We nearly missed it becasue we got back late and didn't put our alarm on. Moses was not impressed with us, first we sleep to 10.15 and then we feed him have breakfast and leave him again! Also we thought it started at 11 but it didn't. So when we got there at 11.05 we had missed 20 minutes of the worship. Everyone was really friendly and came and chatted to us when there was a break. The pastor had some good points he made and overall it was nice but it wasn't really us so I think the hunt continues.
We bought the paper on Sunday and Prince William featured in 3 different news articles, they must have had a shortage of news!!! One of them was about his success in Sandhurst, other one a speculation about his engagement and third one was about how he had held a baby in a recent visit to hospital. Apparently there had been some criticism after the visit on how he had held the baby but the writer of the article had a very valid point - 40.000 people die annually as a resutl of medical staff mismanagement where as 0 die due to contact with the royals...therefore it is safer for the royals to have holding your baby rather than the medical staff ;)
PS: if everything goes well we should move in on the 15th of December :)

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