Friday, December 15, 2006

There is snow....

Yes, it it true, there finally is snow close to where my parents live. And there is supposed to be more tomorrow if the weather forecast is right :) Now I just need to find my thick woolly socks, mittens and hat to pack with me. Snowball fights, building snowcastles, tobogganing...less than are week to go :)

My friend Tina from Plymouth came to Newcastle on short notice and we met up for lunch and hot chocolate yeterday which was really nice. It was quite surreal as it all happened so quickly, she only emailed me on Monday saying that she was coming up to Newcastle. We had lovely time together, we had lunch, wandered around the city and then had coffee/hot chocolate.

I also met my second supervisor (for my PhD) yesterday and she seems very nice. I've got couple of more things to finish off and then my proposal is ready :)

Moses' eyes are a bit funny (infected we think) so I think we'll need to take him to the vet tonight.

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