Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moving date...

It finally looks like we've got moving date. We exchanged contracts and have a completion date of the 20th of December (=the day before we fly to Finland!). We were suppose to exhange on Tuesday, but one of hte solicitors was uncontactable so we couldn't do that...and the people who are buying our house have a weird mortgage company who takes 6 days instead of the standard 5 to transfer money!
Thankfully in the end the buyers (Plymouth) solicitors requested the money without contracts being exhchanged on Tuesday (which they apparently don't like to do usually for understandable reasons) and we exchanged contracts yesterday. If they hadn't requested the money earlier we would be completing on the 21st and we would have to move in after we come back from Finland. Which would have meant much more hassle as we would have had to pay extra weeks rent to start with!
Coming back from Christmas holiday and unpacking boxes is ok whereas coming back from Christmas holiday and moving boxes from one house to another is not. All we need to do is pack the house, get a van and move it all on the 20th...and do some Christmas shopping!
There seems to be a trend here, our first house we completed the purchase of Lucas Terrace on the 19.12, this one will be completed on the 20.12. Our first anniversary we unpacked boxes (we did do romantic things like breakfast in bed and went out for lovely meal as well so it wasn't all unpacking!) and it looks like we will be unpacking on our 6th anniversary. So if the trend continues we will be moving in on the 21.12.2011 and spend our 11th anniversary unpacking as well!
PS: the snowline in Finland looks like it is retreating, far too depressing to add a picture here. I have been praying very faithfully for snow but it doesn't seem to be happening :( But lots can happen in a week so all is not lost!

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