Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moses & bones

The conference was ok/good. Talked to lots of people from different CETLs which was nice. Had some good workshops on different research methods, got givena free tin of mints and had a lovely lunch and the most amazing chocolate cake to keep me going.

Waking up at 5.30 wasn't too good but I seem to have survived and the train was on time which also helped. I was lazy and took the tube rather than walked, it wouldn't have been too long walk but I quite like the tube :)

I must have looked really scary with my knitting needles as nobody sat next to be on the way there or on the way back...but I finished a pair of mittens which is good.

I got woken up early today as well. Moses never ever makes noise at night but last night he started making lots of fuzz in his cage at 4.30 and he didn't stop so I thouhgt I'd better go and check what was going on as he wasn't stopping it and I was awake. We had given him a bone last night and he has very strong teeth and he can reduce a sizeable bone to a little pile of bone bits very effectively (some bones are better than others, but this one was definitlely on the easily destroyable side). I guess due to consuming a bit too many of these pieces he needed to go outside...and he took his time...

I was not too happy waiting in the cold...and it also took me a while to get back to sleep and I had a weird dream of bear cubs trying to get to our house! Especially weird as all the bears in England were hunted extinct centuries ago (that's why there are no forrests in England - they chopped down all the trees so that they could kill the bears, they like to let you think that it was to build their ships for conquering the world but that's just deception!)

PS: the bones usually smell horrible and his breath smell even worse after he has chewed you think you can buy dog breath fresheners???

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