Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas present to Australia

Find a Christmas present that is fun, light, small and relatively cheap sounds easy enough. Finding a Chrismas present that is fun. light, small and relatively cheap to post to Australia is a totally different matter! David's brother has been travelling in the Far East for the last three months and is heading next to Australia (hence we have to send the present to Australia).
I spent nealry two hours wondering around the shops trying to find something fitting the description. Today is the last day of sending international airmail with quaranteed arrival before Christmas which didn't help my panic.
I did have an idea of getting one of those little 'brain puzzles', you know where you have to separate two rings or some similar. But the only ones I found were the wooden knot type things that you have to fit together...and too big for posting
Then I thought about some travel games, the magnetic ones, but they were all kind of big as well or they didn't look very nice and they didn't have any fun games, so that idea was out of the window.
I'd seen some fun sock in John Lewis couple of weeks ago so I went and had a look but they only had bright red ones left (with reindeer on them, they did have penguin ones as well...). I was tempted ;) but thought they wouldn't look to good with shorts and sandals on Australian beach on Christmas day!
So then I thought of some silly toy. We sent a little airplane that works with elastic band to the child we sponsor in Kenya one christmas and I thought that might be fun, a bit silly, but fun. Unfortunately there wasn't a toyshop in Newcastle city center that would sell anythign that small and silly :(
Cut the long story short, I spent long time shopping, having lots of brilliant ideas but not being able to find any products fitting to my brilliant the end I did find something, but I wont tell what just in case Mark remebers the existance of our blog and reads it before Christmas - very unlikely, he seems to be having far too much fun to do anything like that, but you can never be too sure ;)

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