Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Those were the days

We ventured out to Middlesborough last night and had a lovely evening with Craig & Kerina and Craig's housemates Paul and Mark. Craig had prepared a tasty curry and we had fun time sitting together at the meal table. I baked the first mince pies of the year and we had them for pudding. We looked through some photos from SoM and it was fun remembering all the fun things that happened and lovely people we met there. And especially our regurlar coffee times at Timothy's in downtown Toronto.
On the way home we had little adventure (if you can call it that). We were very low on diesel when we got there but thought we'd fill up on the way back. When we left it was latish and the garage around the corner was closed so we had to go on without filling up. We weren't too worried as we had seen couple of petrol stations on the dual carriage way however they had closed the bridge that the A19 crosses and sent us on a diversion - only problem being it was not very well signposted diversion, i.e. you saw the diversion sign from the corner of your eyes when you were level with the junction and had no way of turning of!!!
When we finally managed to find our way back to the A19 the amount of diesel left in the tank was the last moment a petrol station that was open appeared and we filled up and life was well again. So it was mildly stressful but it could have been quite fun to pray for diesel...

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