Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some exploration and persistant cold

Not much has happened in Newcastle over the last couple of days. I had a annoying cold over the weekend so I was sniffing and coughing. Moses ate something he shouldn't have and his body didn't agree with it so he was starved for 24h to help his body to get back to normal. He was very thankful for his breakfast this morning!

On Saturday we went for a drive along the coast north of Newcastle. It was really pretty and we had some good fun. I sneezed and coughed but the weather was nice and the car was warm so all was well. We stopped at couple of different places and had a little walk. Moses definitely approved of that!!! We bought some pies for a lunch from a farmshop and stopped at little town to eat them. We parked by the quay and watched some fishermen sorting out their nets while we munched our lunch. The coast was beautiful, very different than in the south west but equaly lovely. We found this huge beach with some amazing sanddunes and it didn't have huge carpark right next to it, which hopefully means it won't be too busy in the summertime. And there was no 'no dogs' sign either so Moses can come with us.

On Sunday I was even more miserable sniffing and coughing so we stayed home for the day relaxing and eating lots of oranges. We watched oceasn 11 in the evening which was good fun. My cold is pretty much over now, just some minor sniffing left.

My proposal due date is 25.12! As it is very unlikely that noone will be here on Christmas day to receive it, I will have to hand it in before Christmas which means I've got busy couple of weeks coming up.

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